Welcome to Sandy Griffiths’ pewter and craft studio

I specialise in the art of pewter relief modelling (respoussè), which is the art of working on thin sheets of pewter. The design is traced onto the metal and then modeled from the back, using special tools to create a raised or relief design on the front.

My first book ‘Easy Pewter Projects’ was published in 2007 and won international acclaim. Since then I have published two more books, ‘Pewter It’ and ‘Pewter Impressions’. My forth book ‘20 to make, Pewter Jewelry’ will hit the shelves both here in South Africa and in Britain in April this year. (All books available in Afrikaans)

I also teach fabric painting and during class students are welcome to try many crafts including mosaic and card making.

You can follow me on Facebook by clicking here.

Email contact : sandy.craft@telkomsa.net


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Sandy,
    Just returned from South Africa. My sister inlaw has completed some of your classes and we just loved the art form but to my dismay it is not that popular here in the states. We would love to order your book Pewter Impressions and the tools and pewter but have no idea on how to do this. I tried a major book company here but they wont order your book for me. Please help…so much want to do this art form I remember my grandmother doing it in Durban many many years ago.

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